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CHINNALAA BIOSCEINCES, is one of the leading service provider for Chemical development of Natural products, API intermediates and Heterocyclic compounds to Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical industries and Agro companies across the globe. We provide both development support for Medchem groups, chemical development groups and Manufacturers. We have capabilities synthesize mgs to Kgs. The Services offered on FTE and FFS model.

CHINNALAA BIO fully-equipped process research and development lab allows rapid development of scalable and robust chemical processes utilizing advanced methodologies. CHINNALAA BIO is also equipped with a kilo lab for a quick supply in the early phase of the development.

Our top notched scientists are experts to develop the robust process using PROCESS principles such as Proven, Repeatable, Owner driven, Compatible, Executable, Sustainable, Successful and also SELECT principles such as Safety, Environment, Legal, Economics, Control and Throughput. Our scientists are also experts to develop the sustainable process using GCbD (Green Chemistry by Design)


  • Respect for Intellectual property rights

  • Quick Response Time

  • Cost effective solutions

  • Quality products

  • Product delivery on time

  • Project management

  • Team of qualified employees

  • Respecting confidentiality

  • Ethical business practice

  • Early phase process development

  • Late phase process development

  • Commercial scale process development

  • API process development

  • Life cycle management


  • Total area: 2000 sqyards.

  • Fume hoods with N2, Air and Vacuum lines

  • Kilo lab with 20 L, 50 L ,100 L 200L,500L,1KL SSR ,1KL GLR reactors

  • 200 L to 10 KL on requirement basis (CDA signed facility)

  • Notch filtter

  • Centrifugal filtter

  • 1L, 5L, 20L Rotavaps

  • Hydrogenation lab with 250 mL to 2 L capacity

  • Autoclaves with 5L, 10L and 20 L capacity

  • Hot air vacuum ovens

  • Column Chromatography

  • Lab space suitable for making mg to multi kg quantities