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The CHINNALAA BIO R&D department in CHINNALAA BIO highly experienced Doctorate and Master Scientists who carry decades of Synthetic organic chemistry and analytical chemistry experience from multinational pharmaceutical companies. We also have senior doctorates in the form of strategic advisors.

This well-trained team is capable of delivering varied ranges of chemistry specialization coupled with extensive experience in the CRO and process R & D in delivering many projects and handling FTE collaborations. We undertake multi-step organic synthesis, supplying grams to multi Kgs. We have a solid reputation for our supply of building blocks and advanced intermediates. We can deliver target molecule with little or no literature precedent, we will investigate potential methods of preparation, optimization and scale-up, according to client needs.

Research and Development Strenth

  • Efficient in performing high vacuum distillations, drying of the solvents

  • Profound efficiency in handling of Pressure, hygroscopic and air-sensitive reactions/ reagents

  • Well acquainted with metal-based catalyst reactions

  • Handled various reagents like n-BuLi, NaH, LAlH, Na metal, Raney Nickel, AlCl3, t-BuOK, SoCl2, DMS,DIBAL,Swern Reaction, Witting Reaction,Separation techniques like – TLC, Column Chromatography

  • Structural elucidation techniques – IR, NMR, MS

  • Well-versed in literature search like Reaxys, Scifinder

  • Knowledge of preparation of MSDS

Under Development API & Intermediates for R&D Sample Perpus

  • Abcavire

  • Bimtaprost

  • Boswelic Acid

  • Candisartan

  • Celexitil

  • Chromones

  • Citicoline

  • Clopidogrel Bisulphate

  • Comestrol

  • Coumarines

  • 10 DAB

  • Diacerein

  • Epoprostenol

  • Febuxostat

  • Flavones

  • Folic acid & Intermediates

  • Ketoconzole

  • Lacosamide

  • Latanoprost

  • Levetiracetam HCl

  • Levocitrazine DiHCl

  • Lubiprost

  • Olmesartan

  • Pantoprazole

  • Pantoprazole Intermediates

  • Phenylephrine HCl

  • Policosanol

  • Prasugrel HCl

  • Q10 Coenzyme

  • Quetiapine Fumerate

  • Rabiprazole Sodium

  • Raloxifene HCl

  • Scopolitine

  • Sitagliptin Phosphate

  • Solifenacon Succinate

  • Tamsulosin

  • Telmisartan

  • Tetracaine

  • Tetracainebase

  • Trimebutine Maleate

  • Travoprost

  • Warfarine Sodium